Finding a Quality Laptop Bag on a Budget

laptop-bagsNow that you have a laptop you want to keep it protected when you are traveling, and just in general. Unless you are actually using the laptop, and it is on, you want to keep it in your laptop bag so everything is where it should be and you know where to find it. Wait you don’t have a laptop bag yet? And money seems to be getting tight since you just bought the laptop?

That’s ok because we are going to give you tips on where and how to find a quality laptop bag while you are on a budget. There are several things you need to consider before you choose a laptop bag that is going to suit you. And just because you like the one you saw, doesn’t mean you have to buy it at that location. Finding a quality laptop bag on a budget can be tough, but if you know where to look then it can save you time and money.

How to go about finding a quality laptop bag on a budget:

The first thing to do is check in the locations that sell a lot of laptops. This would be electronic stores and computer stores, perhaps even the place you purchased your laptop. However the key to saving money and sticking to your budget is to not buy them at those locations. Often these electronic stores purchase the laptops and receive an incentive on buying the laptop bags as an extra purchase. It’s an easy upsell for the employee to recommend a laptop bag to go with the laptop and if they work on commission you can guarantee that you will be pushed to buy one. Repeat, do not purchase from these stores unless you see them on clearance.

Just because something is on clearance or at a clearance store does not mean the merchandise is bad. It means that someone purchased them in bulk and couldn’t sell them. So they reduced their inventory and sold it to someone else at a fraction of the price. Because of this you write down the names of the bag you like and you hit the clearance stores or the internet.

The internet will have the bag you like, somewhere for a fraction of the price, sometimes as much as 75 percent off. It could be an auction site, or a direct store, but there are some things to watch for there as well when finding a quality laptop bag while you are on a budget. First check the shipping. If the shipping price plus the purchase price equal to what you see locally, it’s not worth the wait. Next watch for sales in particular stores. Even your favorite electronics store will place laptop bags on sale in the spring and right before school starts.

The Refurbished Market: $300 – $500

thinkpadA decent refurbished laptop has a price range of about $300 to $500. A new laptop with good specifications has a price range of $1000. Refurbished laptops are an option when looking for budget laptops. Laptops have a short lifespan of about three years. Going for refurbished laptops is taking the limits of the laptop to the extreme. The other important thing to remember is that refurbished laptops have no warranty.

With this in mind, you might want to consider robust models like the Lenovo ThinkPad, Toshiba, HP or Dell. Look for a laptop with no dedicated Graphical Processing Unit and having a Solid State Disk instead of a Hard Disk Drive to extend the battery life. If you are going to do heavy rendering graphics, then you need a dedicated graphics card. A HD 4000 will not serve you well when it comes to heavy graphic rendering. This means sacrificing battery life for performance.A core i3 or i5 processor should be sufficient for your basic programming needs. To get the feel of multi core processing, go for a 4core CPU.

The four real cores will allow you to see the difference between multi-core optimization compared to hyper-threading performance gains. For RAM memory, you need to consider 4GB for 32-Bit Operating Systems and 6GB for 64-Bit Operating Systems. The Operating Systems to consider are Mac OS, Linux and MS Windows. Mac OS will give much in terms of security. Linux and Windows Operating Systems give you more flexibility in case you need to switch between them. Use notepad++ for text editing. It is simple and not resource intensive. When downloading any software, use only official sites to avoid malware.

A small laptop is the way to go as it’s portable. To get this portability again you have to sacrifice on screen size. Remember that a 17” screen will allow you to have two windows of text editors sitting side by side while a 13” may not give the same convenience. A Chromebook is a very basic device and cannot be recommended even for basic programming. It’s meant to serve the common user whose needs are mostly limited to browsing. A writer will find a Chromebook to be indispensable. You can get a refurbished laptop from your local shops, the Craig Lists and Ebay. When all is said and done, investing in a new descent laptop is always a worthy investment.

Cheap Convertible Laptops for Coding on the Move

convertible-codingThe laptop market is incredibly saturated at the moment, making it difficult to find a laptop with exactly the features you need (or more accurately, a laptop without features you don’t need). If you have decided you need an affordable device that functions both as a tablet and laptop that can allow you to code on the run, there are a range of options and manufacturers available to you.

There are currently three big models in the convertible laptop market at the moment. The first is the ASUS Flip TP300La. With 8GB of RAM, it has impressive task-speed and application power. The touchscreen is 13.3′, but only has a resolution of 1920×1080, which is relatively low resolution for the convertibles. It also uses an 500GB HDD, meaning the start-up time is a little slower than it’s competitors, but it does have more space than the SSD alternatives. The laptop usually costs about $599.

For the same price as the ASUS Flip, you could buy the Dell XPS 11, which is superior in a number of ways. First, the resolution is 2560×1440 and the battery life is about an hour longer. The screen is smaller than the ASUS Flip at 11.6″, and the processor is a small step down (going from an i5-4210U to an i5-4210Y), but overall the XPS 11 provides a much better user experience than the Flip. The 128GB SSD doesn’t hold much, but it should be enough for all programming and coding needs.

If those two models don’t have enough power for you, the best option may be to spend a little more for the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. The Yoga 2 Pro costs around $699, and is a marked improvement in screen resolution and battery life. At 3200×1800 pixels, it looks amazingly sharp. The only downside is the limited Ram (4GB) but the fast i3-4020U slightly eases the pain.

Any of these options allow for maximum portability, not weighing more than 4 lbs, and has enough power to make sure you can do everything you need to.

The top refurbished Macbooks on the market

refurbished-macbook-pro-airNormally, an Macbook Air or Macbook Pro would cost somewhere around $900-$2,000. Although Macbook laptops are of really great quality, there are some people who need that particular brand that cannot afford a new Macbook. This is where the refurbished MacBooks comes in. Most of Apple’s laptops, when refurbished, may come to various prices, which are mostly from $300-$1,500.
If anyone is under an extremely tight budget, for example, under $100, it will be very difficult to find exactly what that consumer needs. Although it will be difficult for the consumer to find what he or she is looking for, it will not be impossible. Some websites, such as,, or any other sites selling refurbished laptops will have some that do cost $100 or less.
The problem, however, is that although there is a laptop that is $99 that is being sold on, it is an older version of what most people need in this day and age. This $99 laptop is an Ibook, which was brand new around the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. This laptop may still work, but most consumers do need a newer product to better suit their needs.
The site that would probably be best for buying refurbished MacBooks would be the, because that is the store Apple computers are sold at in the first place. At the original brand name store, the employees would be better able to check for any flaws in the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air refurbished computers, before they are sold in the first place. The certified refurbished Macbook Air laptop mentioned on start off at around $769 and stop at the price of $2,719 for a certified refurbished Macbook Pro. These laptops are models that have been introduced to the market by at least a couple of years, so these will be capable of the demands of potential consumers wanting to buy a Macbook today.
Although it is highly recommended to buy a refurbished laptop model that has been introduced less than five years ago, MacBooks really do stand the test of time. They are extremely capable of updating to the latest softwares possible, and are extremely great at doing any function specific to Apple computers which Apple users know and love. The prices of these computers, again, can range from $769-$2,719. There are however, other certified refurbished laptops that can be found for under $700 which are just as functional and recent as the ones on the Apple website, such as the refurbished Apple laptops on Best Buy and some other websites. Those who are PC users considering switching to Apple computers, buying a recently certified refurbished computer is highly recommended.

Ultra-budget coding laptops: Where to Draw the Line

Despite popular belief, laptops are quite durable, and purchasing those that are second hand will more often than not leave you with a product that is capable, durable, and more than enough for your coding needs. Not only that, but the prices that used laptops are going for are in fact incredibly reasonable, and many even sell for under one hundred dollars.

Getting a machine that will satisfy any programmer’s coding needs and requirements has become easier than ever as the years progressed and as technology has evolved. Many IDEs (integrated development environment) are incredibly efficient and can present code in a legible fashion even on the smallest of screens. Compiling medium sized source code is also doable on a sub-$100 laptop.

Acer Extensa 4620

A rather simplistic looking laptop that provides impressive performance for its cost, acer’s model is brilliant for those looking to code on a less wallet straining machine. Solidly built, the display is the first thing that anyone will notice as they turn on the 4620, noting the surprisingly visual fidelity in the pictures it projects. This makes reading small lines of code easy and won’t strain the eyes. One of the cons, however, is the rather lacking battery life, and most Extensa users will find themselves needing to charge only after about two hours of plug free working.

With it being primarily business focused, the specifications of the Extensa are below average. Still, for the purposes of writing, maintaining, and compiling code, it does the job well enough.


Another powerful contender is Sony’s VAIO, one of the popular brands when considering its state of the line hardware. The VGN BX660P would probably rank slightly below the Extensa in terms of general capabilities, as its hardware isn’t quite up to par, especially when looking at the monitor. However, this Sony VAIO is king of battery life, and can go for around five hours without being charged. Moreover, the lighter framework promotes portability even further.

The VAIO VGN BX660P will struggle to keep up with the Extensa, especially with it only having one gigabyte of RAM, but for those on the go more frequently, they will surely appreciate having it by their side.

Budget, second hand laptops are actually more worthwhile than the general consensus believes, and it is very possible for anyone to net themselves a decent coding machine at a price point of below one hundred dollars.

Top Cheap Laptop Brands

Leading-Laptop-BrandsFinding the best laptops for coding takes a little effort. With a PC, users were able to custom-build a design that fits their needs. Laptops are a little less customizable, but with today’s technology it is easy to find a brand and model that fits every need. Coding and programming professionals don’t have to spend a fortune on laptops to get the best, either. There are some great deals on computers today if you know where to look. For starters, it’s helpful to explore the top cheap laptop brands and see what they have to offer. Here are a few brands you can look to when you want to save big:

Each of these brands has a variety of models available to choose from, ranging in price from a couple hundred dollars to $1000 or more. The good news, though, is that there are laptops that are great for coding from these brands for less than $500 if you know where to shop. The internet makes it easy for everyone to find what they need, including the best deals on laptops. Just remember to check out the processor and memory as well as the RAM included. Some coders prefer AMD over Intel, or vice versa. It’s also critical to ensure that you have enough space on the laptop or room for expansion in the future so that you don’t have to replace your laptop every time you outgrow it.

Dell’s Inspiron series and the HP Pavilion series are the two most popular laptop brands on the market right now. The customized models from Dell are nice but HP has some standard off-the-shelf models that are great, as well. Plus, you’ll have less bloatware to get rid of with an HP or Acer model, because Dell is notorious for loading their PCs up with software and trials people don’t want or need. If you’re looking to spend less than $500 and get a great laptop for programming, now you know that you have options.

Looking for an affordable business laptop on a budget?

affordable-businessMany people are intrigued at the thought of making money through the internet.

It is no secret that many people, have gained great wealth through internet businesses, or businesses that have an internet presence to attract and maintain customers. A certain irony rises from the fact that many people are trying to tap into the great monetary promise of cyberspace by offering instructional courses telling potential buyers their system or course of instruction will provide the key to internet riches.

Buyers face two problems in purchasing a product that promises internet wealth.

First, it may be a scam. The likelihood of the product working is similar to the chances of winning PowerBall: it’s not impossible, but its far from likely. The second problem is more common. You, the purchaser, lack the knowledge and skills needed to make proper use of the information you purchased.

So, how do you deal with these problems?

Give up the idea of instant wealth. The way to make money through the internet is by using it as a vehicle for a business The problem of your own insufficiency is solved by learning what you need to succeed. Many experts recommend learning how to write code and programming. This set of skills and knowledge can be very beneficial to an online business person.

Contrary to what you may be told it’s not always easy.

Learning will take time and effort. It will also take the proper tools. For the individual who is trying to establish a business to supplement, or replace a nine to five income, the purchase of a good laptop is worth consideration. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on one: it is possible to find cheap business laptops under $400. Nor does cheap need to mean poorly made: worldwide competition in high tech industries means there is always a bargain if you know where to look.

Before buying a laptop, decide what you are looking for. Consider how and where your laptop will be used. Desktop replacements may be desirable choices for an established office. A smaller more portable version will be suitable if you intend to run your business on the move. One feature you will need, particularly if you plan to use your device to learn coding and programming, is adequate memory. Random access memory, or RAM is particularly important. Random memory can be accessed anytime which makes it useful for coding and programming. Look for something with a minimum of 4GB. 8GB is even better.

Fledgling entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who could benefit from finding cheap business laptops under $400. Anyone with an established brick and mortar business without an internet presence should consider learning how to build his or her own website.

Whatever your specific motivation, follow this process. Think about what you need in a laptop. Once you have decided, throw a wide net. In other words look in many places until you find the product you want for the cost you are committed to spending.

Top Acer Laptops Under $400

Aspire-R-13_06Computers have so many uses these days that it seems hard to think that people actually use them for work. But in order to have websites, e-commerce, and all that information that is floating out in the internet, someone has to do the coding for it to work properly. As a starting point in a person’s life a coding career means you are going to need a laptop that is not only reliable but affordable as well. There are plenty of choices on the market for various computer, but when it comes to coding work you don’t need a ton of extras. These Acer cheap laptops under $400 will show you what you can get with your money that will help you get started in your coding career, or hobby.

Acer Cheap Laptops Under $400

The True Blue Acer Aspire AS1410-2497. A full package laptop right out of the box, this model of cheap Acer laptops under $400 weighs only six pounds. It boasts a 6 hour battery life and has a 250 GB hard drive with 2GB of RAM. Built in with Windows 7 Home Premium this laptop runs off a 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron 743 processor. It has an 11.6 inch LED backlit display and features Dolby Sound Room Audio Enhancements. This allows better sound out of its speakers. And for those video chats for extra help with your coding troubles this Acer laptop comes with the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam.

The Acer Aspire E5-571P-59QA is another laptop that has a great price with much to offer. It has a 15.6-Inch touch screen – Core i5-4210U processor, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, MultiTouch Display, and Windows 8 comes preloaded. The processor running at 1.70 GHz is fast all by itself. It comes with a 10 finger multi-touch support touch screen to help you do what you need to with ease.

A little on the light side in the weight class is the Acer C720P-29552G03aww. This 11.6″ Touchscreen LED Notebook has an Intel Celeron processor that runs at 1.4 GHz, smaller in the RAM capacity it only has 2 GB of DDR3L SDRAM. This is a white laptop, which leaves you room to decorate or just keep it clean. The memory is only 32 GB with SD capacity for more, leaving little room to do much except business and coding. It’s an ideal starter for someone just looking to get their coding work done as the price tag typically tops out at $300.

These Acer cheap laptops are all under $400 making them a steal when it comes to getting a laptop that can function. The Acer Aspire is the best of the three listed, just for the touch screen features alone.

Need a coding laptop but low on cash?

cheap-coding-laptopIf you are in need of a new laptop, or even your first laptop, but are afraid of spending too much money there is hope. There are plenty of cheap laptops on the market that will be a great first time laptops, and still be able to do what you want. Since laptops are built similar to a desktop pc, only portable and with less power it can get confusing on what to pick and where to find them. You will see commercials that boast a laptop is more powerful than a pc, some that are built for gaming and others that can do it all. But the price tags that go with these advertised laptops can cost you more than a pc would. Instead look to the auction site eBay for some fantastic deals, even under $150.

Cheap Coding Laptops Under $150 on eBay

Please note when you look these items up on E-bay the title is listed first so you can find it easier.

Dell Latitude Core 2 Duo Laptop ( WIFI Windows 7 DVD/CDRW Notebook Computer +2GB)

This nice little laptop is refurbished from an authorized Microsoft retailer and contains an 80 GB hard drive, 2GB memory and a 1.86 Intel Duo 2 processor. The screen is 14.1 inches which is perfect for the beginner. And this one comes with free shipping on top of the $146 price tag.

Dell Latitude Laptop Computer (Windows 7 DVD-CD RW Burner Wi-Fi Power Adapter)

Similar to the above model this unit is also refurbished and comes with free shipping. The price tag on this model is $140 and it comes with Windows 7 preloaded already in it. As listed it has a power adapter, but unfortunately the seller doesn’t list much else on this laptop, so you would need to ask questions.

Dell Latitude D520 Dual Core Laptop (DVD/CDRW WIFI Notebook Computer Windows 7)

Another Dell laptop, and this one sells for about $135 with free shipping. Unlike the previous model the owner listed more statistics on this model. It has a 1.66 GHz processor and is also loaded with Windows 7 as the title says. It’s also refurbished and has a 60 GB hard drive with a 1 GB memory. For saving money this is a nice laptop to get what you want done.

Of course there are plenty of other cheap laptops under $150 on eBay if you want to play the bidding game. You could win a much better model at low prices if you watch the listings. And of course you need to end up being the high bidder which can be hard, but not impossible. The trick is to know what to look for and type in the names of the laptops you might be looking for.