Websites are often built, using what we call web frameworks. These frameworks are programs designed to support the development of websites together with their resources, including web services as well as APIs. The programs provide a standard way to build and launch websites.

In the early 90s, there were not so many web frameworks for developers to use in building websites. These programs erupted in the mid-90s going forward. As from 1995, the following programming languages among others became available for website development specialists:

  • .PHP
  • .ColdFusion
  • .OpenBlueDragon
  • .ASP
  • .JSP
  • .ASP.NET

Today there are many website development frameworks which developers can use in their work. We have more than 20 frameworks right now, including Django, HTML Mason, Ruby on Rails and Pyramid. Although these programs perform the same primary function, each program rates differently. Discover the topfive best web development frameworks 2018 below.

1. Angular

Angular is one of the most popular web development frameworks among developers in 2018. The Javascript oriented framework by Google is ideal for developing dynamic web applications.).

What makesĀ Angular attractive to many developers is the fact that it allows usersto create front-end apps without the need to use plugins as is the case with many frameworks.

Besides that, Angular comes with many attractive features that make developers’ work easier. For example, it comes with an easy and powerful template syntax, which enables you to instantly create amazing UI views.

This powerful web framework by Google also comes with powerful command line tools(CLT). These tools let users develop a website, add components, test and deploy fast.

2. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is another popular web application framework. Many developers love this powerful framework that is built, using a very common programming language known as Ruby becauseit allows for reusability of the code. This makes developers’ work simpler and allows them to build and deploy a website faster. In addition, users may include some extra functionalities they wish to have on their website. Many users said that this server-side software framework allowed them to develop an effective site faster with less coding and fewer errors. An example of apopular site that uses Ruby on Rails framework is Github.

3. YII

YII is not a very popular web framework but trust me it is one of the best web development frameworks 2018. Maybe developers have not yet discovered its amazing benefits or perhaps they just prefer other web frameworks. YII is built, using one of the latest programming languages, which is PHP5. This open-source web framework beats other frameworks with aclear design as well as a user-friendly interface, which ensures a very simple and fast web development process. YII is built with website performance in mind. Finally, it comes with several incredible tools that will assist you todebug and test effectively.

4. Meteor.js

Written in Node.js programming language, Meteor JS is another amazing web application framework that allows users to create effective applications for various platforms. The best thing about thisopen-source framework is that it allows users to create fast and efficient websites, using shorter codes. Pages of Meteor JS based websites tend to load faster than those of websites, which are built, using other frameworks. Another benefit of Meteor JS is that you may use the same code to build apps for different platforms, includingAndroid, iOS, Windows, web and more.

5. Express.js


Express.js is another amazing application framework that has been built in Node JS. This framework can be another great choice for developers who would like to build web applications as well as APIs fast and hassle-free. It comes with several features and plugins that go a long way in simplifying the work, speeding up the process and enabling users to add as many functionalities to theirwebsites and apps as they wish. To be able to use Express.js though, you require a basic knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML along with some knowledge of MongoDB.

Final Thoughts

Angular, Ruby on Rails, YII, Meteor.js, and Express.js are the five best web development frameworks in 2018. As you have seen, each framework has its own set of benefits that sets its apart from the crowd. Google’s Angular, for instance, allows users to create front-end apps without the need to use plugins as is the case with many frameworks. Besides that, it comes with several attractive features such as a powerful template syntax, which enables users to instantly create amazing UI views. Express.js, on the other hand, comes with a number of features and plugins that help simplify the work, speed up the development process and enable users to add as many functionalities to their websites and apps as they wish. Whicheverweb framework you choose, you can be sure that you will get more value compared to any other framework out there.