refurbished-macbook-pro-airNormally, an Macbook Air or Macbook Pro would cost somewhere around $900-$2,000. Although Macbook laptops are of really great quality, there are some people who need that particular brand that cannot afford a new Macbook. This is where the refurbished MacBooks comes in. Most of Apple’s┬álaptops, when refurbished, may come to various prices, which are mostly from $300-$1,500.
If anyone is under an extremely tight budget, for example, under $100, it will be very difficult to find exactly what that consumer needs. Although it will be difficult for the consumer to find what he or she is looking for, it will not be impossible. Some websites, such as,, or any other sites selling refurbished laptops will have some that do cost $100 or less.
The problem, however, is that although there is a laptop that is $99 that is being sold on, it is an older version of what most people need in this day and age. This $99 laptop is an Ibook, which was brand new around the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. This laptop may still work, but most consumers do need a newer product to better suit their needs.
The site that would probably be best for buying refurbished MacBooks would be the, because that is the store Apple computers are sold at in the first place. At the original brand name store, the employees would be better able to check for any flaws in the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air refurbished computers, before they are sold in the first place. The certified refurbished Macbook Air laptop mentioned on start off at around $769 and stop at the price of $2,719 for a certified refurbished Macbook Pro. These laptops are models that have been introduced to the market by at least a couple of years, so these will be capable of the demands of potential consumers wanting to buy a Macbook today.
Although it is highly recommended to buy a refurbished laptop model that has been introduced less than five years ago, MacBooks really do stand the test of time. They are extremely capable of updating to the latest softwares possible, and are extremely great at doing any function specific to Apple computers which Apple users know and love. The prices of these computers, again, can range from $769-$2,719. There are however, other certified refurbished laptops that can be found for under $700 which are just as functional and recent as the ones on the Apple website, such as the refurbished Apple laptops on Best Buy and some other websites. Those who are PC users considering switching to Apple computers, buying a recently certified refurbished computer is highly recommended.