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MIT Seal

Have you wanted to learn to write code so you can create that perfect app for your computer or smartphone? In the past, you had to attend school for years to learn how to code properly but today the climate is very much different. It is now possible to learn code online in the comfort of your own home so you can create that perfect app or even begin a new path with a different career. The best part is many of these coding courses won’t cost you a dime.

1. MIT Open Courseware

There are many free courses available from MIT that can help you jump start your coding career. These include courses on Java and C and even introductory courses to computer science and programming that are perfect for newbies.

2. Code Academy

Code Academy is a well known source for beginners looking to expand their coding knowledge. They offer courses in a variety of programming languages including JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and more.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy was one of the early leaders in online coding courses. The service continues to evolve with them you can learn a variety of programming languages. They offer helpful step by step video tutorials that walk you through each phase of coding.

4. Coursera

Coursera operates a little differently from the other online coding courses. This site offers free courses with many colleges and universities across the country. Using Coursera, you can begin your coding journey or even opt to take many other types of classes outside the world of computer science.

5. Google University Consortium

Why not learn to code from the leader of the Internet? Google’s University Consortium offers many different types of coding classes including how to program for Android smartphones and tablets. The language is targeted to users who have some experience, but all are welcome.

6. AppCoda


For those of you wanting to learn how to program for iPhones and iPads, AppCoda offers a huge set of tutorials ranging from beginner to intermediate. The lessons are divided up into easy to follow tutorials that you can work through at your own pace so you can learn how to code like an iPhone king.

7. HTML5 Rocks

Another project supported by Google, HTML5 Rocks offers a variety of courses to guide you through all the latest advances in HTML5 so you can become a top notch web programmer. Like the University Consortium, the language is more advanced so you might need a little experience before you begin their tutorials.

It has never been easier to learn how to code than it is today. With these services, you can begin your journey into computer and mobile programming and before you know it you will be able to create some great apps for computers, smartphones and tablets. So start your journey into the world of computer programming today so you can begin to create great apps. Who knows, your app could become one of the most popular apps on the market.