Despite popular belief, laptops are quite durable, and purchasing those that are second hand will more often than not leave you with a product that is capable, durable, and more than enough for your coding needs. Not only that, but the prices that used laptops are going for are in fact incredibly reasonable, and many even sell for under one hundred dollars.

Getting a machine that will satisfy any programmer’s coding needs and requirements has become easier than ever as the years progressed and as technology has evolved. Many IDEs (integrated development environment) are incredibly efficient and can present code in a legible fashion even on the smallest of screens. Compiling medium sized source code is also doable on a sub-$100 laptop.

Acer Extensa 4620

A rather simplistic looking laptop that provides impressive performance for its cost, acer’s model is brilliant for those looking to code on a less wallet straining machine. Solidly built, the display is the first thing that anyone will notice as they turn on the 4620, noting the surprisingly visual fidelity in the pictures it projects. This makes reading small lines of code easy and won’t strain the eyes. One of the cons, however, is the rather lacking battery life, and most Extensa users will find themselves needing to charge only after about two hours of plug free working.

With it being primarily business focused, the specifications of the Extensa are below average. Still, for the purposes of writing, maintaining, and compiling code, it does the job well enough.


Another powerful contender is Sony’s VAIO, one of the popular brands when considering its state of the line hardware. The VGN BX660P would probably rank slightly below the Extensa in terms of general capabilities, as its hardware isn’t quite up to par, especially when looking at the monitor. However, this Sony VAIO is king of battery life, and can go for around five hours without being charged. Moreover, the lighter framework promotes portability even further.

The VAIO VGN BX660P will struggle to keep up with the Extensa, especially with it only having one gigabyte of RAM, but for those on the go more frequently, they will surely appreciate having it by their side.

Budget, second hand laptops are actually more worthwhile than the general consensus believes, and it is very possible for anyone to net themselves a decent coding machine at a price point of below one hundred dollars.